How can we increases the website traffic with the help of social media?

What is Social Media?

Social Media is an activity to connect people worldwide and gaining traffic through social media sites and work best for digital marketing.  People are connected with each other through social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube, etc these are all the social media through that we connected for marketing purposes, for business growth, helps in advertisement and others activity.

What is Websites Traffic?

Website traffic means a number of web users, web users who visited your website and the website traffic measured in visits. Web traffic helps in determining the website’s popularity and visitors. When someone visits a site then the computer or other devices connected to the web pages on which web users visit communicates with the website’s server.

Top 5 social media which helps to boost your websites traffic-


  1. Facebook nowadays, facebook becomes the biggest social media site, more than 2 billion people using this site. Businesses use this site for their business marketing strategies, advertising purposes, etc. people use this easily by facebook mobile app in their mobile.
  2. Instagram This social media site is mostly used for sharing photos and videos, add the stories for 24 hours. Instagram has a feature of making Instagram business account for promoting the buying and selling of products and services. In this way, Instagram helps in increasing website traffic.
  3. Twitter This is also a social media site, Twitter has the characteristics of news. We can get news related to entertainment, politics, sports, etc. Twitter set the word limit up to 280 characters only while other social media has much more than Twitter.
  4. Youtube This social media site has become very popular, people sharing the videos related to business, educational purpose, entertainment which help in boosting your website traffic.
  5. Pinterest This social media shares the picture related to fashion and others that helps in increasing the website traffic.

Social media is a part of digital marketing, students and interested person can make a career. Social media has become the career opportunity source and for this many Best Seo training Institute in Delhi has been open

The advantages of bringing traffic to your blog or business websites

1)Cost-effective- Website traffic helps in reducing the cost that the business websites pay for the advertisement for their marketing strategies. Bloggers and businesses do not need to pay as an advertisement.

2)More revenue- Heavy website traffic is always better for a website, more websites traffic means more revenue. As we know the website is made for the purpose of online marketing, running a business and other earning activities.

3)Help in increasing sales- Higher traffic means higher visitor for a website and if more people visit a site it helps in increment of the online marketing business’s sales, helps in increasing the number of customers.

4)Brand awareness-  website traffic helps in brand awareness and a website can go to top, helps in increasing the ranking of a website.  Targeted visitors is always better than a generic visitor even if it is less than the generic visitor.